Character Profile: Elias Shanahan

Image of  Elias Shanahan made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Name: Elias Maron ShanahanOrigin: VirianAppearance: Medium height, muscular build.Gains excess weight as an adult.Pale skin and green eyes.Dark brown shoulder length hair.Grows a moustache as a young adult.Wears black sorcerer’s robes when younger.Develops a liking for Carpathian suits in his early teens.Also enjoys disguises, especially dressing as a beggar.Personality: Cheerful and enthusiastic when younger.Becomes more jaded and cynical as he grows older.Family: Father Malachi Shanahan, Mother Mary Verkhauten.One sister, Justeen.Later he married Emori Ohrivaal and they had one son, Joe.Abilities: Expert climber when younger.Excels at physical activities like sports and dancing.Acquires good espionage skills.After being implanted with artificial crystal bonds, he learns sorcery skills.Strengths: Physically strong.Fast learner.Weaknesses: Struggled with academic su…

Character Profile: Justeen Shanahan

Image of Justeen Shanahan made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Character name: Justeen Malacha Shanahan (Later becomes Halloran, then Ohrivaal.Takes the name Scalani after being nominated as their Matriarch in waiting)Origin: VirianCharacter appearance: Short stature, slight build.Pale skin and unusual maroon eyes (due to her natural Elediyaan crystal bond).She keeps her head shaved and she has a tattoo of a green serpent on one side of her face, to cover a scar which she received in a duel.In the desert, she goes around naked but wears black robes and a veil when carrying out her priestly duties.Personality: Wise, but passionate.Caring but can be ruthless.Family: Father Malachi Shanahan, Mother Mary Verkhauten.One brother, Elias.First husband Josiah Halloran (murdered by terrorists), twin sons, Aravind (Ari) and Nyraldin (Nye).Second husband, Erroll Ohrivaal, the Hastamage (shaman) of the Ohrivaal tribe.Strengths: Skilled at …

Character Profile: Malachi Shanahan

Image of Malachi Shanahan made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Name: Malachi Darius ShanahanOrigin: VirianAppearance: Medium height and build.Pale skin and green eyes.Dark brown shoulder length hair and bushy beard.For work and formal occasions, he wears old-fashioned suits with frilled shirts and lace cravats.At leisure, he wears utilitarian tunics and leggings.Personality: Deep thinker, quietly spoken.Guarded but not shy.Fiercely protective of those he cares about.Family: Father Levene Shanahan, Mother Darien Shanahan.Two sisters, Rayleen and Devonia (both died young).Later he marries Mary Verkhauten.They have a daughter, Justeen, and a son, Elias.Abilities: Good academic mind, vast knowledge of the Virian legal system.Adept at martial arts and street-fighting.Good survival skills.Strengths: Physically strong.Very determined.Weaknesses: Hot temper and a tendency to be impulsive.Prone to melancholy moods, especially concernin…

Character Profile: Dorota Cadogan

Image of Dorota Cadogan made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Name: Dorota Cadogan (AKA Dorrie)Origin: VirianAppearance: Short hair, chopped in messy layers by herself, black with grey streaks.Plump build, pale skin, wears leather tunic and leggings, plus a shabby cloak.Personality: Sly, devious schemer.Loyal to no-one except herself.Very manipulative.Family: Mother Reenah (deceased), father unknown, has one daughter, Vanessa, and later on, a granddaughter, Ursula.Strengths: Intelligent, uses mind-trickery and minor spells.Can change her appearance but rarely does.Weaknesses: Greedy and power-hungry.Likes: Finding young girls to train as her apprentices, stealing, causing conflicts, manipulating people.Dislikes: Men, anything pretty and girly, happy families, anyone being successful at what they do.

Character Profile: Lyle Menehari

Image of Lyle Menehari made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Name: Lord Lyandro Jordiano Menehari (Prefers to be called Lyle or Uncle Lyle.He has several other aliases too)Origin: CarpathianAppearance: Fairly tall, muscular build, tanned skin, long dark hair often worn in a tail, but sometimes loose.Lots of tattoos on his arms, chest and back.Dark eyes, wide mouth, pointed chin covered in stubble.Prefers casual clothing like a vest and jeans, but will dress formally in a suit or sorcerer’s robes when required.In the desert, he wears nothing.Personality: Jovial, very talkative, extremely generous, has a flair for the dramatic (he teaches drama and literature), can be mocking and teasing at times.Calls everyone “darling” or “babe”, regardless of age, gender, etc.He even addresses his students in this manner.Arrogant and boastful, but cares deeply about his loved ones and his students.Family: The esteemed Menehari Family, one of t…

Character Profile: Sean Donovan

Image of Sean Donovan made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Sean Theobald Donovan (AKA Yevgraf Veretenniki)

Origin: Malvanian

Appearance: Tall and thin. Pale skin and grey eyes. Shoulder length white hair, often tied back or covered by a hood. Prefers wearing priestly robes but is a master of disguise.

Personality: Stoical and logical. Can seem aloof and cold. Devious mind with a cruel streak. Tormented soul with a secret longing to be loved and accepted.

Family: The illustrious Donovan family, founders of the renowned Donovan Institute. Later, he marries Sheraleen Mulvaney.

Abilities: Agile mind. Trained psychologist. Has in-depth knowledge of chemistry and alchemy.

Strengths: Physically strong with good martial arts and weapons skills. Excellent at reading people and predicting their reactions. Skilled at escapology. After acquiring his Vjeladiyaan serpent symbiont, all his abilities increase.

Weaknesses: Hol…

Character Profile: Rayleen Shanahan

Image of Rayleen Shanahan made using Azalea's Doll Maker App.  You can find their website at Rayleen Levenya Shanahan (later Meneghan/Menehari)Origin: VirianAppearance: Short stature, thin wiry build.Pale skin and green eyes.Wears round eyeglasses.Dark brown shoulder length hair, shaved bald when she became an acolyte of the Order of Scherza.Wears black silk robes in the Temple and prefers casual tunics and leggings when at leisure.Personality: Cheerful and optimistic most of the time.Kind and helpful, tries to see the good in people.Later experiences lead her to doubt herself and feel guilt for events beyond her control.Family: Father Levene Shanahan, Mother Darien Shanahan.Brother Malachi and sister Devonia (sister died young).Later she marries Lyle Meneghan/Menehari.Abilities: Good academic skills.Accomplished at martial arts.Strengths: Compassion, helpfulness, resourcefulness.Weaknesses: Self-doubt and the burden of guilt over her sister’s death.L…